NOV 21


ALBION SC NORTH is challenging all club players to paticipate in our Fall Juggling Club! ALBION players that achieve specific juggling goals can win prizes and be featured on our social media!

Why is juggling important???

Although juggling is not a necessary part of the game, it develops critical skills for players.

Juggling helps improve/create:

  • First Touch
  • Receiving the Ball in the Air
  • Passing
  • Volleys 

Juggling provides tons of touches on the ball which helps players get more confortable with the ball on their feet. Players that are comfortable with the ball become more confident. Confidence helps devlop good training habits.  Juggling can also improve ball control, touch, coordination, reactions and using all parts of the body!

ALBION SC NORTH players are challenged to see who can get the most juggles in San Marcos!!!