Goals & Objectives

ALBION SC San Diego North will develop technical players of the game of soccer and at the same time teach the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. We will provide an environment that will educate, foster growth and enhance team development.

ALBION SC San Diego North will strive to develop players to achieve their highest potential, ultimately advancing them to the next level of soccer, providing opportunities for selection to Olympic Development Programs (ODP), and providing opportunities for players to earn a college scholarship.

ALBION SC San Diego North will provide high caliber coaches that will fit the makeup of their team and will work within the ALBION system. Our coaches will focus on player development through our own curriculum and provide the best environment possible for our players to develop and succeed. In addition, our coaches will be encouraged to continue their soccer education and opportunities will be provided to all coaches to continue to develop their knowledge of the game.

Our teams will compete in local, regional, national and even international competition to expose players to all levels of play and different styles and philosophies. Our players will be taught to demonstrate good sportsmanship at all time. The ALBION SC San Diego North culture believes that the success of our program is measured by its excellence on and off the field.

Our staff will assist in player college searches; by helping to match player's skill levels to the appropriate college and help the individual players communicate with the college coach.

ALBION SC San Diego North will provide a professional environment for all of our players to develop, train, and play a variety of competitive levels.